Thursday, October 23, 2014

Feeling Thirsty? Read Frankie's review on Watcher by Roh Morgon....


By Roh Morgon

A Book Review by Frankie Brazelton

9 out of 10 Muddy Crowns

Watcher is a vampire tale to savor. Like a fine wine, it’s deliciously rich and warms you to the core. This adventurous novel about a newborn vampire is a fresh take on the genre. You follow the protagonist, Sunny, from the start of her early and wild blood drinking youth to experiencing her blossom into a more confident and calculating hunter. It’s a classic coming-of-age story at its heart, but far more dangerous and provocative. Sunny soon becomes ensnared in the grips of lust and love when she meets her first real prospect of a mate since becoming a blood-drinker. She’ll have to overcome huge feats of self preservation and courage, all while deciding whether to remain in her carefree life in the woods with her beasts and what’s left of her humanity, or leave it all behind for the companionship for which she thirsts with every fiber of carnal being.

 Roh Morgon ensnares her readers by evoking dark and erotic images of gorgeous and lethal characters as they hunt, seduce, and feed on their prey and each other. Watcher is a story you can gorge yourself on, but it won’t leave you sated for long. You’ll be thirsty for the next book in the series almost as soon as you’ve closed this book.